Rubber Roof Kits begin Shipping February 11 2015

In the beginning of May we started shipping our rubber roof repair kits to our customers. At the same time we are expanding our product offerings. In addition to our standard materials list, we include with ALL our kits a tube of EPDM Lap Sealant, which will make your job easier and your patch last longer. We ask you to send us pictures and short description of the repair jobs that you do, so other homeowners could see your successful DIY job and get inspired. You in return will have the bragging rights and an individual page on our website with your name, and pictures / details of the repair job you did (that is of course with your permission). We now have a starter kit for smaller repair jobs – this kit includes about 1/2 of flashing materials of of our standard kit, but still has all the same tools and other supplies needed for a successful and easy repair job.

Here is a video of the Kit’s contents:

We also plan to add a “BIG BOSS” kit that will have more flashing materials and larger cans of Seam Tape Primer and Cleaner. This larger kit will include 20′ of 6″ uncured cover tape, and 10′ of 12″ uncured flashing tape, as well as a Quart of each EPDM Seam Primer and Membrane cleaner. The cost for the BIG BOSS kit will be just around $300 – we are still determining the prices for this. Additionally we will have individual small rolls of tape, patches, pipe flashing and inside / outside corner flashings.