Save $100s on EPDM Materials (vs Home Depot) February 11 2015

The cost of our Rubber Roof Repair Kit starts at $249 , includes all materials and tools needed for you to fix your flat roof, and comes with Free Shipping to lower 48 states. Lets take a look at the competition – if you were to buy all materials and accessories needed to fix your EPDM rubber roof yourself. We’ve done the homework for you, and found all the prices at the Home Depot.
NOTE – only few select Home Depot stores sell EPDM products, while most do not, and if in your state Home Depot does not sell it, you cannot order it online, and it won’t be shipped to you.

We are “lucky” enough that in MA, our local Watertown store does sell EPDM products. However in most states / stores, it is not available.

Rubber Roofing Hoime Depot - Lets calculate how much you would spend at the Home Depot. We will calculate sales tax at the end, to make things simpler. Also, the Home Depot as well as ALL roofing suppliers sell ALL EPDM products in “bulk” packaging – this means if you only need 5 feet of flashing, you still need to buy the whole roll (which are 25 and 50 feet at the Home Depot, and 50 and 100 feet rolls at roofing suppliers) and all liquids come in 1 gallon cans or bigger. For comparison, here is our EPDM Repair Kit. Order Now - $249
Free Shipping!

EPDM Rubber Roof Materials:

First, you will need Cleaner and Primer for Peel and Stick flashing. Cleaner is $35.94 and Primer (Glue) is $47 = $82.94 (both come in 1 gallon cans). Because the Home Depot does not sell 6″ uncured flashing tape, we will include one roll of 9″, 25 feet long Peel and Stick (uncured) flashing tape. This can be used in any application where a 6″ tape can be used. The cost of 9″ flashing tape is $157.00 – this substitutes our 6″ and 9″ tape as well as 6×9″ patches. Also, you will need EPDM Lap (Edge) Caulk which is $9.36 The above items cover the “materials” side of our kit. 

Now lets look at tools:

We include the following items in our kit: Scissors, can opener tool, paint brushes, and 2″ silicone roller (roller is not sold by the Home Depot, so we will source the price for it at Amazon). Cost of tools:
  • Scissors: $3.00
  • Can opener: $0.46
  • Paint brushes (cheapest ones): $3.00
  • Silicone Roller: $17.99 (with free shipping on order over $35)
  • Nitrile Gloves: $2.27
  • Rags / Towels: $7.98

Total cost of buying the Rubber Roof Repair “Kit” yourself from the Home Depot:

With sales tax, the total comes to $300.63 (with 6.25% MA sales tax except for the roller). Also, if you need a 12″ flashing, which the Home Depot does not sell, you can only buy it from a professional roofing supply, where a 50 foot roll costs between $200 and $240. At the same time, our kit costs $100 less than if you buy everything separately. Granted that you get less flashing tape, cleaner and primer, but think about this: We include enough material in our kit for you to make several small repairs to your flat rubber roof. IF you buy all parts yourself, you will basically store 1 gallon of cleaner and primer in your storage for a very long time, until they go bad. It takes us (pro roofers) a month to use a gallon of each, doing professional repairs for clients. You as a homeowner will never use the whole gallon of each, unless you do a complete roof replacement. Bottom line, buying it all yourself, you will spend at least $100 more, and will sit on a bunch of materials that you will never need. That is why we package our kit to include enough materials for 2 or 3 repairs, and nothing extra that you will not need. Order Now - $249
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