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Leo - Roofing Boss

Hello, my name is Leo and I am a roofer - here is my G+ page
I've been installing and repairing flat roofs in Boston for the last 10 years. Often I'd get requests from homeowners, small businesses, condo associations, etc., to repair their rubber roof, that was just too far for me to travel. Other potential clients just could not afford to hire a contractor and were looking to purchase just materials. 

The issue was that EPDM materials are sold to contractors and ONLY in bulk. Thus you can only buy a 100 ft. roll of flashing, or a gallon of Prime and/or Cleaner used in repair / installation, or a 20x50' (1000 sq. ft). roll of rubber membrane. This would cost $400-500 and require them to buy a lot of materials they would never use.

Most of my clients on the other hand needed only a small amount of materials and few specialty tools to repair their roofs.

That's when I thought to put together a special kit that would contain ONLY necessary materials needed for most common repairs - no more, no less. Over 10 years of fixing rubber roofs, I figured just what the right amount of materials was, which is represented in our PRO Kit.

Sometime you may need more materials, so we also created an optional BIG BOSS kit, and a REFILL Kit that includes materials only (no tools).

Here is what's in a typical Rubber Roof Repair Kit: