DIY Rubber Roof Repair KIT (EPDM)

$ 309.00 $ 380.00

Everything you need to fix EPDM rubber roof! Save $100s on flat roof repair - fix the roof yourself

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The Kit includes: 

  • 10 ft. of 6" Peel and Stick Tape
  • 2 ft. of 9" Peel and Stick Tape
  • FOUR 6x9" Peel and Stick Patches
  • 16 OZ can of EPDM Cleaner
  • 16 OZ can of EPDM Primer
  • 1 Tube of EPDM Lap Sealant / Caulk
  • Heavy Duty Silicone Roller
  • Membrane Scissors
  • Primer Brushes
  • Paint Can opener tool
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Need more materials? Get our BIG BOSS EPDM Repair Kit

Why repair the rubber roof yourself?

Hiring a flat roofing contractor to fix your rubber roof will cost on average $600-1000+ depending on the scope of work. When you fix the roof yourself, you save $300-600  or more, often do better job and you can take pride in your work!

Because most roofing contractors have very limited or NO experience working with rubber roofs. Chances are that you will do a better job fixing your rubber roof, than most roofers can, because it is your roof, and you actually care that it does not leak anymore.

Watch Instructional Video on How to fix EPDM Rubber Roof Yourself

Here are DIY Rubber Roof Repair Instructions - How to Repair Rubber Roof

FREE Shipping!

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