Rubber Roof Repair KIT - EPDM Materials Only

$ 259.00 $ 470.00

This kit includes ALL materials needed to fix EPDM rubber roof: Flashing + Primer + Cleaner + Lap Caulk

$259 - includes FREE Shipping in continental US!

Tools are not included with the REFILL kit

Kit includes:

  • 5 ft. of 6" Peel and Stick Tape
  • 2 ft. of 9" Peel and Stick Tape
  • FOUR 6x9" Peel and Stick Patches
  • 16 OZ of EPDM Cleaner
  • 16 OZ of EPDM Primer
  • 1 tube of EPDM Lap Sealant

Video Demo of how to repair rubber roof:

Why repair the rubber roof yourself?

First of all, if you fix the roof yourself, you will save about $350-600 on hiring a contractor to fix the roof for you.

Second - because most roofing contractors have very limited or NO experience working with rubber roofs. Chances are that you will do a better job fixing your rubber roof, than most roofers can, because it is your roof, and you actually care that it does not leak anymore.

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